Saroj Khan passed away after cardiac arrest at the age of 71.<div class='yasr-stars-title yasr-rater-stars' id='yasr-visitor-votes-readonly-rater-63a6ecd292167' data-rating='0' data-rater-starsize='16' data-rater-postid='3663' data-rater-readonly='true' data-readonly-attribute='true' ></div><span class='yasr-stars-title-average'>0 (0)</span>


Saroj Khan passed away after cardiac arrest at the age of 71. She has been cremated in Malad’s Malvani. Saroj Khan was admitted to the hospital on June 20 as she had a difficulty in breathing news of her demise was confirmed by her nephew on July 3, 2020.

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Chakra Official Trailer

Vishal Film Factory is now coming up with new movie Chakra which will be released in 2020. Date has yet not been confirmed. Trailer has been launched on the official YouTube channel VishalFilmFactory. The movie is starring Vishal, Shraddha Srinath, Regina Cassandra,.etc.