Hum bhi Akele Tum bhi Akele Review

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Veer running away from a broken heart, and Mansi towards it, they embark on a road trip to get her to her beloved. During the journey, they realize their opposite natures seem to fit into each other, and towards where their destination ends.

Both have run away from their homes in similar circumstances. Veer (Anshuman Jha),  couldn’t tell his strict father of his sexuality and breaks off his engagement with a childhood friend to run towards his lover, who is married. Similarly, Mansi (Zareen Khan) running away from her home is spurred by a potential marriage alliance. They meet in a pub in Delhi. Veer, decides to drive Mansi in his jeep as she goes to meet her girlfriend in Mcleodganj. As they spend more time with each other througout this journey from Delhi to Himachal, they started understanding each other and developing bond between them which was not sexual but beyond friendship.

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