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Shaakuntalam : The love story of King Dushyantha and Shakuntala, daughter of sage Vishwamitra and nymph Menaka. Due to a sage’s curse, Dushyant forgets all about Shakuntala, until destiny brings them together again.    

Saroj Ka Rishta
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Saroj Ka Rishta : To win the love of her childhood sweetheart Vikram and to get rid of her obesity, Saroj decides to undergo a body transformation. However, things take a turn when Vikram lands up in Ghaziabad from Canada, unannounced.

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A middle-aged Gaurishankar is passionate about food and archaeology but it’s a misplaced call from Divya that adds the tadka to his life. While love simmers, Aditi and Sidharth’s story spices up too.

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Crush: A high schooler forced to join her high school track team, finds herself falling for an unexpected teammate and discovering what real love feels like.

Sahela Re
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Some people enter our life, never to be forgotten. No matter how far they are from us, how often they meet us, or if their relation with us has no name! A college reunion brings Niranjan back into Shamaa’s life and gives her the confidence to live her life with a fresh new start. Sahela […]

Plan A Plan B
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Plan A Plan B : Follows a matchmaker who believes marriage is for everyone except herself, and a successful divorce lawyer with a secret, who cross paths, and explores if opposites coexist or attract.

Tees Maar Khan
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A rookie police officer finds himself at odds with a member of the mafia, and things take a turn when his sister and brother-in-law are found murdered. Tees Maar Khan

Sita Ramam
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Sita Ramam : Afreen, a rebellious Pakistani student sets ablaze the car of an Indian in London. Refused to apologize, Afreen is asked to return 1 Million in 1 month. Angered Afreen comes back to Pakistan to get the money from her grandfather. The late grandfather assigns a letter delivering task to Afreen, written by […]

Aa Bhi Ja O Piya
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Aa Bhi Ja O Piya : Seeds of love planted” in the heart do sprout – irrespective of circumstances” City educated Kaushal resides with his parents in a remote picturesque Jharkhand village. Converting his passion for Bonsai plantation into the profession he has his own Nursery. Kalpana, a city girl from an army family is […]

Atithi Bhooto Bhava
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In this ZEE5 Original film, Srikant bumps into a ghost who claims to be his grandson from his past life. The ghost urges Srikant to fulfil his promise of helping him meet his sweetheart Manju. Atithi Bhooto Bhava