Shah Rukh Khan in customs authorities at Mumbai air port
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Shah Rukh Khan kept by customs authorities at Mumbai air port

The Customs Department reportedly arrested Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan at Mumbai Airport on Friday night due to certain expensive watches that he and those travelling with him were carrying in their luggage.

Before being permitted to depart the airport, SRK reportedly had to pay customs duty of Rs. 6.83 lakh. Shah Rukh had just left Sharjah after attending a function there. He had taken a private jet that had landed at Mumbai International Airport terminal 3. According to reports, while Mr. Khan and those with him were exiting the terminal, the watches were discovered in the luggage.

After Customs formalities were completed, SRK and his manager were given permission to exit the airport. But some of his party, including his bodyguard, were held overnight for questioning before being released in the early morning. According to several media sources, the star’s luggage and the luggage of those travelling with him also had the packaging for six pricey watches worth about 18 lakh rupees.

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