Release Date : 02/12/2022

Director : Shashanka Ghosh

Cast : Kartik Aaryan, Alaya F., Karan Pandit, Sajjad Delafrooz, Myrna S. Dalal, Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal, Amir Khan, Kamalrukh Khan, Vihaan Chaudhary, Harshika Kewalramani, Anansuya Chakraborty, Ganesh Kumar, Naresh Kumar, Rajendra Arjun Kamble, Abeer Jain, Gautam S. Gadaballi, Swara Dharaiya, Jeniffer Piccinato, Priyal Gupta, Tarun Dudeja, Trisha N. Shetty, Nitin Bharadwaj, Farzil Pardiwalla, Tripti Agarwal, Shahrukh B. Sadri, Fareed Khan, Ashit Kumar, Atul Ganonkar, Sharma Karan, Rohit Singh, Chitra, Hridansh Parekh, Avni Kale

Country : India

Language : Hindi

Duration : 2h 4m

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Introverted and awkward Dr Freddy Ginwala desperately searches for a soulmate. When he finally finds her, the relationship becomes as painful as a root canal.

Freddy: The lines between love and obsession blur in this romantic thriller packed with unpredictable twists and sharp turns.

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