Release Date : 07/10/2022

Director : Vikran Deshmukh

Cast : Abhishek Banerjee, Kumud Mishra , Divya Dutta

Country : India

Language : Hindi

Nazar Andaaz
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Nazar Andaaz is the new age comedy-drama helmed by filmmaker Vikrant Deshmukh. It stars Abhishek Banerjee, Kumud Mishra, and Divya Dutta in prominent roles. The film is produced by Laxman Utekar, Bhushan Kumar, and Krishan Kumar under the T Series banner in association with Kath Putli Creations. Rishi Virmani has scripted the play and dialogues. Music by Vishal Mishra. Nazar Andaaz has a stellar cast with laughter riot on the screens, and it’s scheduled to hit theatrically on October 07.

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